Garden Decking Lights: Learn About The Different Types Of Lighting For Your Garden

To come up with a creative garden lighting design, you need to understand and make use of lighting ideas and effects that will make your garden look stunningly gorgeous no matter the time of day or night. Again, to get it right, you must pay attention to where you position your lights as well as the type of bulb or lamp you are going to use. Furthermore, you must consider the coverage and angle of the beam of light your bulbs are going to emit. Once you understand all these factors, you can move on to select the right lamp or bulb that will suit your purpose well.

There are different types of garden decking lights in the market today. If you plan to get the most out of your beautiful garden, then garden lighting should be at the top of your agenda. And because the market is presenting you with a plethora of options to choose from, you are sure to get the best without ever breaking the bank. Let’s explore some of these options:

1. LED lighting

Light emitting diodes have been used for quite some time now. They are becoming more popular today because people embrace them as a general lighting solution for everyday use. The advantage with LED lighting is that they save energy, last long and are robust, small and efficient enough to respond quickly when switched on and off. Options vary from fairly extensive and expensive flood lighting options, to affordable, decorative pillar-mounted lights. If you choose to go LED, then keep in mind that they are good for boarder highlighting and not for overall lighting on your deck. A good idea on how to use them would be to place them on the sides of the pathway and continue round your deck so that you end up with a feature boarder for your pathway and deck.

2. Post-mounted lighting (Electrical Lights)

If you want to create a statement right through the entrance of your deck, then using post-mounted lighting would be ideal for this purpose. And if your deck has a natural theme, post-lighting would be the perfect option to draw the attention of the eye right from the path to the doorway of your deck. If you want to get the best out of post-mounting lights, use them at the main garden gate all through your deck’s entry way to create a uniform look as well as a maximum effect.

3. Lantern-style lamps

This is another option of lighting that will make your garden look really smart if planned carefully. Whether you go for old-fashioned, rail-road style or just a hurricane lamp, you are sure to create a stunning effect on your garden. These lantern-style lamps are available in candle, electrical and even battery operated options. If you like, you can go for solar-operated ones because these will save you from crazy electrical bills that you don’t want to pay. Use multiple lamps of this nature, and strategically place them throughout the deck and feel the impact. If you choose to go for the candle option, ensure that they are not placed near flammable objects and always extinguish completely before you leave your deck.

4. Fairy lights

Some time back, these lights were thought to be Christmas items. Today, they are used all year round, in homes and in gardens. With this option, you can spruce up your garden as simple or as wild as you like, and it’s cheap and flexible. You can fix them onto your garden and take them away as you wish. And they cost just a few dollars, so they are worth a try.

5. Table lamps

This option requires some serious creativity and work. If you want to achieve that high-class look in your garden, you should look for some stylish outdoor table lamps to spruce up your garden. They need power points, so if you are not that handy with electricity, you’ll need to have an electrician come over and fix everything for you. If you plan and organize properly, you’ll end up with a stunning look you won’t believe. If you have a dinning or a coffee table on your deck, choose a theme for your table lamps or just go mad and incorporate all the styles you can imagine. The good thing about garden decking lights is that there are no rules in handling them, anything goes as long as it pleases you.

6. Candles

If you are a little bit clumsy, then this lighting option is not suitable for you. You must take extreme caution when installing them especially where parasols of canopy or trellis work are put in place to act as wind breaking tools. They are a great option of spicing up your garden, but they need to be placed inside a glass to ensure that they don’t cause a fire in the event that one topples over. You don’t want to set your garden on fire when you need it most. Before you head to bed at night, ensure that you get rid of every trace of flame.

7. Inset deck lights (Embedded)

They are a great option to use when decorating your ceiling, steps or edges of your deck. The wiring can be concealed inside the deck so that they are not noticeable. It’s a classy way to spice up your deck, and you’ll save on electricity when you go for solar-powered options. However, when designing the deck, you should plan the layout so that it allows for ease of access to the bulbs in case you are replacing them. This allows you to upgrade the bulbs every time technology brings new things. A creative way of using them would be to put them on the face of every stepping surface you may have. They light the pathways excellently in night time conditions. They look classy and are a good option for delivering indirect light to other places you may not want to put bulbs on.

There are many options you can go with when it comes to garden decking lights. Depending on what you have in mind, you may choose from this list, or do an extensive research on the same and find out about other choices available. Your garden look doesn’t get any better than that.