10 things to do before you start building your deck

Adding a decking area not only looks great and adds extra space to your home but it can also add value to your property value to your home so it really is a great investment.

But before you jump in and start building there are sme things you should prepare for first as a poorly built deck can be a disaster. Following are 10 things to consider before you build your deck.

1. Purpose

First of all, what is going to be the primary purpose of your deck? Entertaining guests — you’ll need to consider how many guests you want the deck to hold, because more guests equal more weight. A play area for small children — safety is essential. Whatever your intended purpose, think it all the way through before starting to build.

2. Location, Location, Location

The next thing to consider is the location. Landscaping issues may crop up exactly where you think you should place your deck. You should consider entrances and exits to your home. Access to your deck is essential — if you can’t get there, you can’t enjoy it.

3. Deck Plan

You will need to have a deck plan, which will serve as a guide for the entire project. It doesn’t require a professional work-up, but you should be thorough this will help with costing and how long you will need to complete.

4. Attaching Deck To Your Home

Although the deck can be freestanding, quite a lot of people choose to attach it to there home in order to extend the living space. If you decide to attach your deck to the house, you will need to decide how you will cut away the siding at the joining point. You will also need to determine if the framing of your home is strong enough for the deck.

5. Deck Supports

Deck supports are an important part of this process, so you will need to decide exactly how many footings and posts you will need, and where to place them. You should also find out what type of ground you have and how easy it is to dig holes for the supports.

6. Decking Material

What type of decking material do you plan to use? Composite decking materials are a good choice because they have been chemically engineered to avoid the problems of traditional wood. However, if wood is your choice, redwood, cedar and pressure treated pine are all popular because they resist rot and decay. If you choose another wood decking material, you will often need to provide protectant and sealant material.

7. Permission

If you’re building on your own land then decking shouldn’t be a problem, but it’s best to have a think to ensure that you’re not contravening any planning laws or restricting access.

8. Tool Time

Make sure you have all the tools on hand that you will need for the project. There may be additional expenses added to the project to buy these tools or to even rent them. Yes you can do a lot with handtools but these will slow you down considerably when you think of how many cuts and screws you will need.

9. Professional Help

Decking is a big project to undertake if you are a weekend handyman. If you’re not confident then this could prove to be a costly and possibly dangerous project to take on so if you have any doubt then why not get some quotes and see if you can save yourself a lot of hassle.

10. Extras

The final thing to consider is any extras you might want to build into and onto your deck. You might add a decorative handrail or you might want flower boxes on each corner, or perhaps built-in seating for your guests. Whatever extras you choose will personalize your deck.